There are over one million external battery packs available to buy on Amazon. Mobile charging is big business. You only have to walk past any airport gate to see how important power is to executives and entrepreneurs when traveling as they huddle around precious power outlets to charge their phones and devices.

Smart leaders know that keeping your own energy levels fully charged is one of the most critical aspects of distinguishing yourself from everyone else.

In my work with executives at rapidly growing companies including Starbucks, Amazon, and Xbox, this is the most overlooked aspect for so many. It forms one of the three crucial elements of being what I call thoughtfully ruthless. A thoughtfully ruthless leader is intentional, deliberate and absolutely laser-focused on long term goals by adopting a sensible-selfishness. This allows you to be at your personal best to help and lead others. The secret to exponential growth is locked inside how leaders ruthlessly manage their time, energy and resources in parallel.


This is the second in a three-part article series on each aspect of being Thoughtfully Ruthless. Read the first article: How to become ruthless in a thoughtful way with managing your time. 


Successful executives and entrepreneurs have an endless stream of opportunities and requests continuously thrown at them. The challenge is having the foresight and tenacity to know how to keep yourself at the top of the priority queue so you don't need to use an emergency battery pack to boost your depleted energy levels. I have captured 17 of the best tips that any leader can immediately apply to maintain remarkable energy levels:


1.     Laugh at yourself.

Don't take yourself so seriously, and let people around you know you can laugh at yourself.

2.     Know who you can call

Have at least three people on speed dial that you can call for candid advice--people who have your best interests at heart and will tell you the truth.

3.     Try the seven-day sleep test

Give yourself the gift of an additional hour's sleep each night, repeat seven nights, and check how you feel.

4.     Create your ideal nutrition rules

Follow it 80 percent of the time.

5.     Create your ideal exercise plan

Follow it 80 percent of the time.

6.     Learn the power of no

Start saying no to people and situations that don't energize and inspire you.

7.     Turn on your drama-detector

Avoid people and situations that attract drama.

8.     Know what is changeable

Check if you are at the point of debate or point of conclusion so you know where to expend your energy.

9.     Become imperturbable

Don't let little things knock you off course.

10. Allow others to return your serve

Don't act like an automatic tennis ball dispenser firing ideas, instructions, and challenges in every direction at lightning speed. Wait for the return serve.

11. Stop caring.

Stop excessively worrying about what someone thinks. If you care about their opinion, ask for feedback. Otherwise quickly move on.

12. Put your own growth and development first

Every top athlete has a team of advisors and coaches, find a strategic advisor who will put rocket fuel on your own growth.

13. Watch your tone

Have you heard yourself lately? Are you energized and inspired yourself? Either way it is contagious.

14. Leap to the future

Talk about five years into the future with your team. If they don't know the destination, how can they enjoy the journey?

15. Announce your mistakes

When you make an error, state it, share it, and learn from it.

16. Value your comfort

Book your travel to optimize your comfort and sleep, not to save fifty dollars.

17. Feed your sponge

You are like a sponge; you absorb the energy of those around you, so surround yourself with positive, aspirational, and optimistic people.


What can you experiment with today to boost your energy?


Remarkable leaders are ruthless, in a thoughtful way, with their time, their energy and resources. You will find more tips, stories and practical advice for creating a life with the discretionary time to use as you choose in my next book   Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth (Wiley, April 2016).  Sign up here to get early access to a free chapter.