When I ask my clients about the effectiveness of their marketing, they rarely respond with a superlative. Entrepreneurs and executives have to constantly make tough trade-offs about where and how to spend precious time and money on PR, marketing, and advertising.

Earlier this month I was shocked to hear how simple it can be to accelerate your business in just 15 minutes a day, without a need for a huge marketing investment.I heard this great advice from Alex Goldfayn, CEO of the Evangelist Marketing Institute and author of the upcoming book, The Revenue Growth Habit: The Simple Art of Growing Your Business by 15 percent in 15 Minutes A Day.

Alex and I were both speaking at the Million Dollar Consulting Convention. When I listened to him speak, I was embarrassed into action because I realized how little marketing I do for my business (as I get nearly all of my business from referrals or as a result of speaking engagements). I decided right then to commit to 30 days of 15 minutes of marketing, and I invite you to take a look at these ideas and decide which you could implement in your business today.

Six ideas for your daily 15 minutes of marketing

1. Knowing versus Doing

Most people know what they need to do, but the force of old habits prevents them from actually doing it. Commit to 15 minutes of marketing a day with two simple steps: start something, repeat it. Yes, it is that simple. Go.

2. Let Your Customers Buy

How many of your existing customers know about all of the products and services you offer? I'll bet that 85 percent of your customers know about just 10 percent of the products and services you offer. If they do not know about it, how can they buy? Let someone who can pay you know something they can buy from you.

3. The More People Hear from You, the More People Will Buy from You

Are your products and services the world's best-kept secret? You need to systematically communicate your value to people who can buy it. Pick something you enjoy doing and do it consistently.

4. Break Out Your Fountain Pen

Handwritten notes are memorable, personal, and unique. When did you last receive one? In a world where people who have nothing to say are shouting random things to thousands of people, you can stand out. Each week use one of your daily 15-minute slots to write five handwritten notes to your potential and past customers.

5. The New Testimonial

Don't let your customers write you a testimonial. Have a conversation and write it for them. Ask your existing customers these four questions:

  1. What are some of your favorite reasons for working with us?
  2. Why?
  3. How are you better off as a result?
  4. Is it okay if I use these comments in our materials?

That's it. You can add this conversation at the end of a sales call or systematically call some previous customers in one of your daily 15 minutes.

6. People Like You Bought This

You can recommend products for your customers similar to the way Amazon recommends products for its customers based on their purchases. Share a testimonial from a CEO with another CEO, or give a financial project case study to a CFO. Match your current customers with your potential customers and let them evangelize your products and services.

When Alex arrived in the United States from the Ukraine as a five year old with his mother and father, they had just $20 along with jewelry painfully stuffed in the bottom of Alex's shoes. Now Alex knows why he works--to support his family and thank his parents for making the dangerous trip out of his birth country. He knows he provides unique value to his customers. It took faith and resilience to grow his solo consultancy business rapidly.

This is a Thoughtfully RuthlessSM approach to marketing because it is fast, focused, and energizing. Even I can do it! These 15 minutes of daily marketing are a great reminder that innovation, new customers, and new business aren't the only game in town. Growing your business from existing customers and existing products and services is an opportunity too important to be ignored. Not every answer to growth is innovation!

My 30 days of 15 minutes starts today. What about yours?