It is every entrepreneurs dream. Your crowd funding campaign is funded in 20 minutes and receives one million dollars of backing in just a few hours.

I spoke to Shane Small, Creative Director, formerly of Xbox, Gogokiddo, and WizKids who is one of the three founders of Exploding Kittens. Shane shared how he joined forces with Elan Lee, former Chief Design Officer at Xbox Entertainment Studios and The Oatmeal cartoonist Matt Inman to create a card version of Russian roulette, with exploding kittens, unicorn pigs and tacocat.

Exploding Kittens could be on track to knock the Coolest Cooler off the top spot for the most-funded Kickstarter projects of all time when they raised $13.3 million. If Exploding Kittens can raise over $1 million on the first day, what will the remaining 29 bring?

Shane told me that he had been IM-ing with Matt and Elan all day. "Every time we hit another undefined milestone we kept sending each other congratulations messages and saying how crazy it is. It is beyond all of our expectations, we are sat here in disbelief".

As I caught up with Shane about how he turned his idea into reality we uncovered 6 Innovation Secrets to Creating an Explosive Kickstarter Campaign:

1. Boredom triggers innovation
"We were bored; we kept asking what could we do that is different. I originally had the idea as a digital app but then thought how could make it out of cards. We knew it would be fun to play right now this very second, so we made the game out of a normal deck of cards. As more and more people started to play it, then it became addictive and exciting to figure out the strategy and we knew we were on to something. It was originally called Bomb Squad and that didn't seem quite right, that is where Matt came in".

2. Find people who are better than you
"When Elan and I met Matt Inman we instantly knew he could bring something very different to our idea. Although art and design is my passion I am always looking for people who are good where I am not. Matt brought a unique style and great ideas. He suggested kittens that exploded and we were hooked. We are excited to be working with him."

3. Seek advice from your idols
"We love Cards Against Humanity and given their overwhelming success, we approached them to get their advice. Elan made the connection, they are amazing and have been incredibly supportive. We knew nothing about cards, other than from my time at WizKids. We needed to learn all about inventory, shipping and product supply, all of the reasons businesses fail. They have been fantastic helping us."

4. Really love what you are doing.
"I love this game, I am so proud of it. I have never created a game that feels so fun and complete. I cannot wait for everyone to start playing it."

5. Learn from your past failures
"I always have another idea in my head, my previous projects may not have been the commercial success I had hoped, but I have learned how each has had their different challenges, whether launching on the wrong platform, not picking the perfect time or production challenges. Each one has made me proud as I have paved the way for others to be innovative and I have learned to be tenacious and keep coming up with new ideas."

6. Always create fun
"With all the additional funding we will be able to create more expansion packs and have lots of new great ideas to share. We are going to see how far we can take this and how much fun we can create."

I let Shane know that in the 22 minutes we were talking he had raised another $152,000, bringing the total to $1.4 million. His response was delightful:

"Day one is not over. It isn't morning yet in South Africa, when my parents wake up in a few hours they will see this success and I cannot wait to hear their reactions".

I expect you are very proud Mr and Mrs Small!