The month of January brings many conversations about future goals and resolutions when the real power is reviewing the year gone by. Follow this guide to take a look back at your achievements:

1. Is now really the right time?

You don't have to use this precise moment to complete a review. Some companies are crazy how they complete business and employee reviews out of sync with key holiday sales periods or product launches. At XBox, as a division of Microsoft, we failed miserably in our attempts to get our employees annual bonuses and pay rises to take place after the crucial holiday period when we could really see the results of teams work. Consider when is the right time for your own review of your business and personal goals and set a date for later in the year.

2. Understand your greatest successes.

Highly successful leaders cannot help themselves in skipping over their successes and jumping into what was missed or not so great. The greatest sports coaches review what it took to make the winning game not solely wallowing in the points and game losses. Take twice as long as you would normally to understand your proudest achievements this year and what it was that got you those results so you know what to repeat.

3. Did you live your ideal year?

Take a moment to consider your ideal year, month, week and day. Did you take your ideal vacations, make time for yourself and prioritize selfishly your own needs above others? How close was your reality this year?

4. Did your team catapult your success?

What will the size and scale of your company be in two years? Do you have the leadership team that has the capability and capacity to get you there fast? I call this the Leapfrog Organization that will leapfrog your success beyond the usual trajectory to lightening speed.

If now is the right time, take a moment to answer these questions on your year that was, so you can fully inform your focus for the year ahead. If you would like to learn more about creating a life with the discretionary time to use as you choose, next book Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth (Wiley, May 2016). Sign up here to get early access to a free chapter.

Happy New Year.