Video Transcript

00:00 Gene McCubbin: My name is Gene McCubbin. I am the founder of a company called PopLabs, and we are an interactive advertising agency and branding company. Specifically, that means we do web design, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media, consulting and those types of things.

00:26 McCubbin: I'm in Houston. So, in Houston you have tons of oil and gas businesses and they have a ton of money. And so what we tried to do is create an environment where the employees are gonna get a different career learning opportunity than they would in a large massive mega corporation. I can't really compete with the pay rates that those big oil and gas companies pay folks, but we can make the work environment more fun, make it more flexible, make it something where they're actually getting an experience that they are learning and enjoying, giving people a chance to have their first kind of management opportunity, overseeing projects and it's a fun environment for the people and I think that's significantly why we've been successful.

01:12 McCubbin: You need to create... Well, first off, functionally they should just get up there and get it going. There's never enough planning that's gonna make it work, you just have to go. Your plans probably aren't gonna come true anyway. Most likely if you're in technology, the software you're building isn't gonna end up the way you wanted it, the people aren't gonna end up the way you wanted them be, clients are gonna go slower than you expected them to be. I mean everything's not gonna go the way you plan it. But you should have a plan, and because it's good, healthy... It's like an outline before you go do a speech somewhere. It's a good, healthy way to prepare yourself for 'what ifs'.

01:47 McCubbin: Second thing I would say is have a good accountant and have a good lawyer. Those are extremely important and in fact those are... Not having a good lawyer or a good accountant will cost you a whole lot of more money than having them.