Video Transcript

00:07 Kat Gordon: I'm Kat Gordon. I am the president, founder, big cheese at Muddy's Bake Shop in Memphis, Tennessee and we do a little bit of everything... Sweet goods. We do cakes and pies and cookies...

00:27 Gordon: Try to be really consistent with our message of why we're doing what we're doing. Food service is busy. And then when you've got a line out the door, it's really easy to get trapped in task mode. And I'm just as guilty of it as the next person here. You're just trying to get that next cake iced, trying to get food into the bakery case so that people will be happy and get out the door. But we really try, at all levels, to just reiterate to ourselves and each other, over and over again, what we're doing. "What is the one thing I did today that made a difference for somebody? Why are we doing this? We're doing it to make Memphis a better place, to make Memphis a kinder place, and also debt-free."

01:13 Gordon: That's something we really focus on. If we want new equipment, better equipment, more tools, we have to be able to pay for it. We're not gonna take out a loan to get something. When we had to have our new kitchen, that was a stressful time for employees because we were literally bursting at the seams. We had our appliance guy on speed-dial to constantly come be fixing our ovens because we were literally wearing them out. But we knew, "Okay, we've got to spend our money wisely so that we can buy it. We're not gonna owe anybody for it."

01:52 Gordon: I think what's gonna keep Muddy's around is just that passionate commitment from myself, from employees who work there, from our customers. We have people who literally have brought us their recipes or have brought us physical objects like chairs and plates and mugs and all kinds of stuff, that people have sort of come in and said, "I was cleaning out my mother's old house and she had these great kitchen chairs that I know would be perfect here. Do you want them?" "Yes we do, thank you so much." And it's that sort of passionate commitment from all different sides of the shape, I think that really kinda holds it up and keep it together, the common purpose, and I really think that's gonna keep it going. Even, God forbid, something happened to me, I feel pretty confident it could keep going. The people that are involved in it are just so incredible and so passionate and so caring for each other.