Video Transcript

00:00 Mallika Chopra: My name is Mallika Chopra. I'm the founder of I grew up in the well-being space, you could say. My father is the well-known author, Deepak Chopra. So I literally grew up in the space where I used to meet teachers, people who were going through some journey of healing. On the other hand, career-wise, I had worked in media a lot and I saw the power of media to change the world. So, Intent is really bringing those two aspects together and you can think of Intent as a social media company. Basically, Twitter with a purpose where people are sharing their intents or dreams for personal, social, global, and spiritual well being.

What was your strategy behind building Intent?

00:45 Chopra: I'm a mom with two kids and for me kind of building a business and having balance in my life is very important and I knew that this company also needed to be nurtured in this very organic way. I started it out as a blog. So basically, I have 600 experts in the well being space who are writing. But what we saw is actually what took off was people sharing their intents and supporting each other. So, we've really let the community kind of shape it, which I think served us well over the last four years. And we've just built the company kind of one step at a time and we've really watched what the users want to do.

How do you maintain focus with so many facets to your work and personal life?

01:26 Chopra: So, I'm a huge proponent of meditation. I would say actually most of the people, growing up, that kind of interacted with my dad obviously were interested in meditation or self exploration. I think it's really about finding tools. Many people do yoga or other things. For me, last year I found that running actually became almost this tool that I was using and I felt that the kind of physical and emotional side was also getting kind of addressed through these short runs that I did. So, I think it's more what works for you, but if you can find five minutes to be quiet and in that time just kind of get centered, think about what your intents are, your objectives are, whether it's for the day, the week, the year, and then kind of come out of it and go back into business, you'll find that you're much more efficient, you're feeling much more balanced, and most of all, happier.