It’s human nature: People like products and services personalized just for them. Forty-nine percent of consumers have purchased a product they weren’t shopping for after getting a personalized recommendation from a brand and 71% find nonpersonalized shopping experiences frustrating. Even among insurance customers, 80% say they want personalized offers, messages, pricing and recommendations from providers. 

At the same time, leading employers understand the importance of increasing employee engagement with workplace benefits. Making it easy for employees to get eye exams offers significant benefits beyond helping them see better. Regular eye care can improve overall workforce health productivity. That’s why they’re increasingly turning to providers offering personalized benefits and experiences--and why you should, too. 

“There’s a lot of diversity in today’s workforce. There are people with different lifestyles, at different life stages, and in different functional roles and working situations--like remote workers or people who travel a lot for their job,” says Michael Guyette, President and CEO of vision care provider VSP Global®. “For them to actually use their benefits, it’s vital that plans meet the diverse needs of employees and their dependents.” 

Zooming in: What to look for in a benefits provider

Employees want real flexibility in their benefits. They want options when it comes to accessing eye care and eyewear in person or online, as well as the ability to choose between different kinds of coverage.

To help employers provide the flexibility that employees need, VSP Vision Care has 40,000 eye doctors across a variety of physical in-network locations and, through its Eyeconic® e-commerce site, also provides in-network access to shop online for glasses and contacts. In addition, VSP’s EasyOptions personalized care plans give members an unprecedented amount of control over what benefits they and their dependents receive. With EasyOptions, members can customize their coverage at the point of service--something that’s truly revolutionary in today’s benefits environment.

Instead of having to guess what kind of coverage they’ll need when they enroll, EasyOptions members don’t decide on their coverage until they’ve met with their VSP network eye doctor. Then, they can choose a fully covered upgrade, with choices like an increased frame allowance to full progressive or light-reactive lenses. According to VSP, in a case study with nearly 700,000 employees, members with EasyOptions saved an additional 45% on frames, enjoyed an additional savings of $122 per lens enhancement, and were 154% more engaged with their vision care benefits compared to those with a standard plan.

Want your employees to get more engaged with their benefits? Personalized plans like EasyOptions are the easy answer. Learn more about EasyOptions today.