Silicon Valley power brokers may be migrating away from Twitter to the last place you'd expect. In the words of Y Combinator president Sam Altman, "It feels in the last month that we've gone from no VCs on Snapchat to all the VCs on Snapchat."

That's right--what used to be the home of selfies and sexting now hosts some of the very best content on venture capital and how to start and grow a tech business in the Valley.

And what makes it better and more educational than even a Stanford MBA is that what's discussed is incredibly current and the medium gets you totally engaged and interested. Better yet, it's 100 percent free.

Here are three of the very best Snapchat accounts for learning about entrepreneurship:

1. Justin Kan (username: justinkan)

Kan founded, which became and ended with a $1 billion acquisition by Amazon. Needless to say, Kan knows a thing or two about tech.

What makes Kan's channel so engaging is that he answers questions from users and will even let people take over his channel for pitch practice. You get to hear his answers and thought process on what he thinks makes for a great idea.

2. Mark Suster (username: msuster)

Suster is known for having one of the best VC blogs, Both Sides of the Table, and he's bringing that same hard-hitting approach to Snapchat.

He sometimes unleashes epic Snapstorms, where he'll go off on a specific topic related to venture capital or founding a company, like M&A or fundraising.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk (username: garyvee)

If you've seen Gary at an event, you know that he can turn on the energy. What you learn from watching his Snapchat is that he operates at an insane level of energy all the time.

It's like being his intern and following him around all day, and that's an effect you don't get from any other platform, not Facebook, not Twitter, not Instagram.

With Snapchat, you really are in the pocket of some of the best entrepreneurs in the world, and your ability to learn is only limited by your own imagination. So forget about trying to get into Stanford for your MBA. Get on Snapchat instead.