Wearing a lot of hats is just part of being a sales leader. You're managing relationships with customers, strategizing with your inside sales team, syncing up with marketing and coordinating future releases with your product team.

A couple more hours in your day--that's all you want.

While a time machine has yet to be invented, the rise of cloud-based sales software has brought about a bevy of tools that can automate processes across the board. From prospecting to forecasting, previously tedious tasks can become more efficient, more productive, and--dare I say it?--even more fun.

So here are five tools. They're not just great at doing what they do. These tools are going to help you take back your time and effectively have a three-day-weekend by saving 10 hours a week--every week.

1. Connect With Decision-Makers With Clearbit Connect

When you gain a new customer or a new lead, the first step is understanding who the lead is. Understanding the structure of their company and their role is helpful in making sure you know how you can help them. But doing this research for large enterprise companies with hundreds of employees could take hours to ensure you aren't missing an important decision-maker.

Clearbit Connect lets you conduct all this research easily, without leaving your Gmail compose window. You can search within a specific company and target role to find all related contacts.

Connect can also give you contextual data on any new contact that emails you. With information about their company and position, you can make an informed decision on whether to pursue the new lead.

Using Connect helps simplify contact research so you can spend more time building connections with important decision-makers to assess needs and ensure you're providing the best product and service your business has to offer.

Time saved: 3 hours.

2. Centralize Your Sales Process in Slack With Troops

Keeping track of every lead, where they are in the pipeline and what needs to be done next is time-consuming and easily gets very complicated. As your business grows and you add more customers and contacts it becomes impossible to keep them all straight.

Troops is a powerful Slack extension that directs Salesforce data into a centralized location. Rather than spending time digging through Salesforce to find the answer, you can direct pipeline reports, contact information and activity reminders into your Slack channel with a simple command. This makes information easily accessible for you and your team, increasing accountability and performance.

Planning and coordinating between teams is much easier and more efficient when everyone is on the same page. You can focus on moving towards the future instead of wasting time catching up on what's already happened.

Time saved: 3 hours.

3. Personalize And Automate Follow-Ups With PersistIQ

Enterprise customers are often the largest portion of a company's revenue so maintaining customer loyalty is just as important -- if not more so -- as getting new customers. But going through and personalizing each follow-up email is not the best use of your time and it's easy for a customer to fall through the cracks.

PersistIQ lets you automate follow-ups to make sure your customers don't forget about you, but also delivers emails that are personalized and timed just right to maintain satisfaction. Each buyer persona is taken into account to optimize for the right number of touchpoints.

PersistIQ lets you set it and forget it. This gives you time to focus on lead generation without worrying about losing the connections you've already made.

Time saved: 1 hour.

4. Forecast Future Growth With InsightSquared

Using past data to keep an eye on the future ensures that you are always looking for ways to grow, and prevents any potential disasters that might occur. But even if your analyst is doing most of the number crunching, the amount of time spent distributing the data to the rest of your team can easily be trimmed down.

InsightSquared is a powerful tool that provides a wide range of analytics to help make sure everyone on your team is aware of what's affecting your growth and the forecasts for future improvements. You can also use data to help improve employee efficiency and motivation while setting challenging but attainable goals.

Having access to a wide range of powerful analytics means you can fully optimize every aspect of your sales process to make sure your customers have the best sales experience. Being aware of any potential issues means you don't lose an important customer because of an easily preventable problem.

Time saved: 2 hours.

5. Gain Valuable Insights With Qualaroo

Your data can give you a lot of valuable insights, but nothing really compares to getting feedback straight from the source. Hearing directly from your customer about what you can do better makes them feel valued and will ensure that there is a positive response when you implement their suggestions. But survey creation, distribution and response gathering take a lot of time to coordinate.

Qualaroo provides an easy-to-use survey system that lets you easily design and send quick, frictionless surveys to your customers that return valuable feedback. Just a few questions can give you direct insight into how you can help your customers win better, and shows your customers that you're always looking for ways to improve.

Hearing concrete ways to improve saves you time that would've been spent speculating that you can now spend making your business and product better. Knowing that you care also improves customer loyalty and strengthens your relationship.

Time saved: 1 hour.

More Time In The Day

Using these tools will not only save you time and increase efficiency, but open doors to resources that you didn't know were available. The increased internal communication will also mean that you can spend more time pushing forward and improving. How will you use this extra time?