Remember the insane uncertainty in the 2012 election? Those huge swings of momentum from one debate to the next, the polls that could never seem to agree. Things were so shaky that on election night, both teams were so convinced of their victories that neither Romney nor Obama wrote a concession speech.

But what if I told you that the outcome of that election was never in doubt? From the beginning of the campaign, Obama had an ace in his back pocket that Romney would never be able to overcome, something you can incorporate in your business today:

Facebook Ads.

How Facebook Ads Won An Election

While other candidates were duking it out in primaries, Obama was quietly assembling a team of the greatest social media and analytics minds in the country. An entire floor of the Prudential building in Chicago became devoted to one task: Building the most powerful voter database in history.

By the time the general election kicked off, Obama was already in position to unleash ridiculously specific, targeted Facebook ads on the electorate.

Immediately, 600,000 people were targeted by Obama's Facebook ads, which were so accurately targeted that they were able to spur viral growth. The 600,000 initial viewers would go on to share Obama's content with over 5 million of their friends.

When you realize that over half of the young voters Obama was targeting had no landline phones, making them impossible to reach with "Get-Out-The-Vote" calls, it's clear how important this strategy was. It's estimated that 85% of those who couldn't be reached via phone by either campaign were reached by Obama's Facebook ads.

From the jump, Obama was connecting to voters on a scale Romney couldn't hope to match. At one point, with targeted ads and sponsored posts, Obama's page was generating 1 million likes per day. With that kind of support, this election really was never in doubt.

How To Start Using Facebook Ads Right Now

Fortunately, using Facebook Ads to target customers no longer requires a team of data scientists. Honestly, it doesn't require much of anything on your part anymore.

This is because new services have emerged that optimize your Facebook Ad campaigns for you. AdEspresso, an automated service for optimizing Facebook Ads, runs A/B tests, targets specific demographics, and controls the most minute details of your ads automatically. With AdEspresso, you can literally run and test hundreds of ads in minutes.

Obama had to build his analytics engine at an unprecedented scale, at a time when Facebook Ads were just gaining steam. Now, you can harness that same power with almost no work. You don't even need a product, just a company name and a landing page to begin generating leads with AdEspresso.