There's a lot to dislike about the twin tax legislation snaking through the snakes in Congress.  Taking away the $250 Educator Tax Credit when teachers buy their own supplies is perhaps the best example of the flintiness of the donor class.  After all, that money has to fund a break for billion heirs!

The kids in most billionaire families aren't job creators as much as headache makers, but the little darlings need a tax break and so the teachers must pay.  

Not only does it raise a few pennies, but it also satisfies the perverse logic of our political rhetoric that makes teachers the bad guys.

Bad New England!  Bad!

If you are a liberal, you will also feel a hard pinch.  That is, the mostly Democratic-leaning New England states are being punished by provisions that will remove tax deductions for state income, sales and property taxes.  

While the House and Senate provisions are not completely in sync, the idea is to soak the rich, liberal New England states, plus any other liberal states like New York and New Jersey that supply Martha's Vineyard with its summer residents.

I suppose if New Yorkers promised to never visit Nantucket again, they'd have a chance to escape the tax bill, but the momentum is definitely against them.

Movers and Shakers

Do you think New Yorkers are going to let congress drain their pockets without a reaction?  I don't.

To paraphrase 'Prizzi's Honor,' a knowledgeable black comedy, New Yorkers would rather eat their children than part with money.  And they're very fond of their children.

Instead of lightening the wallet, New Yorkers will do what their immigrant forebears did.  

Move. To, say...Texas.

Not just to liberal Austin, which is like Boston but with better parking.  Better to Dallas, with its financial services infrastructure.  New Yorkers would settle there in a heartbeat.

What about Vermonters?  The hemp and recorder music crowd would find a nice refuge in South Carolina.  Its humidity is really good for pot growing.

And New Jerseyans?  Have you noticed that those people are everywhere?  It's like the clown car state where the clowns just keep pouring out. 

Those people will go anywhere with low taxes and a casino.

The Color Purple

The political and cultural consequences of the tax bill are what we call "unintended."  Congress believes the libs are going to just take a good kick to the slats.  They are so-o-o wrong.

In short, the red states are doomed to becoming purple.  Because the liberals are coming, and they will overwhelm red states at the voting booth.  It is likely that the new guys will buy in the neighborhoods that had previously been gerrymandered for the upper class red state guys.  Guess what happens next time those districts vote for a governor?

Alexandria happens, that's what.

Alexandria is the iconic Washington suburb that just gave Virginia its new Democratic regime.

So the new migrants are going to change the political climate of the south, and fast.  If not blue, the former red states are going to become purple.  Meaning, up in the air politically.

Ice Ice Baby

What about the red state folks?   After all, they can migrate, too.  Say, to Connecticut?

Could be, but I don't see the move as good for their arthritis.  After all, Connecticut has a nine month winter and three months of pretty poor skiing.  If today's Texans are under the impression that L.L. Bean is a kind of rock candy, it's too late to learn how to work an ice scraper.

Back in Texas, the new migrants/former New Englanders will inevitably raise local taxes to pay for education.  Then change all the gun laws!  The conservatives at that point might feel they've been outsmarted.  But where are they going to go?

I suppose they could go to Mexico.  Except they'll be stopped by a big, beautiful wall.