Artificial intelligence is proving invaluable to thousands of businesses around the world, playing a role in everything from cars to medical diagnoses. But that doesn't mean AI is the best choice for everything. It needs to be advanced enough to do the intended job without a hitch.

Case in point?

Inspirational posters. Inspirobot is a web-based AI that's supposed to create them for you. You can see some full images of what Inspirobot reportedly has generated through this page from IFLScience, but some of the more snicker-worthy results include phrases like

  • "Basing your everyday on science creates loneliness."
  • "Keep panicking."
  • "Try to tell yourself that you are horrible."
  • "Before inspiration comes the slaughter."

But because I'm a sucker for the scientific method, I of course had to try Inspirobot myself to see what I'd get. The website is ultra-easy to use. All I (or you) have to do is hit the "Generate" button at the bottom of the page. Here are just some of what came up for me and made me smile:

  • "If you are obsessed with someone you are obviously an imbecile."
  • "When we can poison pain, we can be precious about technology."
  • "Apologies make people desperate."
  • "Why not rob computers?" (This one had a big smiley face.)
  • "Secretaries are secretaries because it's all a game to them."
  • "Illusions make you painful."
  • "Don't you ever get tired of womanizing?"
  • "Denying bad karma incites time travel."
  • "The singularity is not what they say it is."
  • "If you're being told that you can never get rid of crime, get married."
  • "At times, an orgy is only an orgy." (Maybe not a poster to hang if you've got kids...?)
  • "Be horny." (OK, come on now.)
  • "You cannot face psychic powers."
  • "Keep vilifying."
  • "It is absolutely wrong to formulate obesityization."

But my favorites?

Here are my top six Inspirobot results, in descending order of awesomeness:

6. "You can make it so a colleague calls the police."

5. "Vegetables will unleash inequality."

4. "Be the death."

3. "You don't have to stop wetting the bed in order to get rid of crime."

2. "Knowing that you are psychotic is what makes you a fishmonger."

1. "Be a chimp. Don't cannibalify your plumber."

Be serious now for a minute

All that said, not everything Inspirobot created deserves a place in a nonsense joke book. For example, check out these that actually did make me think a bit:

  • "All you need in order to get rid of your fears is sunshine." (Even a little light in our lives--a kind word, a hug--can bring hope, you know. We can do anything if we connect.)
  • "Only when you understand you own ideas will you truly find success." (How many times have entrepreneurs jumped in before they really knew how or defined their why?)
  • "Make the most of your mind." (Seriously, don't waste the potential you have.)
  • "How would the world look if artists discovered a way to like everything?" (Isn't appreciating what's around us, even so-called trash, what allows us to innovate?)
  • "Analyzing anxieties is hard to do, even if you grow up." (It is, however, necessary to change, grow and move forward.)

Clearly, there are AIs that can walk circles around Inspirobot right now in terms of technical accuracy. But the idea that AI could one day cheer us up and offer motivation is nothing to laugh at. It might very well be that that becomes the most valuable job AI has of all.

Published on: Jul 11, 2017
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