If you want to be rich, it makes sense to model what wealthy people do. But behaviors are driven by underlying beliefs and ways of thinking, meaning that getting rich often requires a mindset shift, too. To make it super clear where to focus your attention, the infographic below breaks down the key differences in the way rich and poor people tend to view money. 

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In essence, much of what separates rich people and poor people is a sense of being personally responsible for one's own fate and an unwillingness to accept defeat in the face of failure. Individuals who enjoy wealth also are willing to learn and take help, and they are able to look at life in the long-term rather than being swept away by the emotions of the moment. If you need to get thinking like this, reading classic books like Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich is a great, simple way to start. But be brave, too. Expand your social circle and surround yourself with people who have strong financial sense. The more you're around them, the more their mindset will rub off on you.