Confidence plays a huge role in getting you where you want to go, but unfortunately, it's not a static thing. Sometimes doubt creeps in and we need a jolt to feel like we're OK. If that's your situation, understand that a huge source of confidence is in what you tell yourself. Use this collection of my top personal mantras to find your strength again.

  1. If I can learn I can change. If I can change I am never stuck. If I am never stuck, I can always make a difference. If I can always make a difference, I always have a purpose.
  2. Struggle is merely the evidence of challenge. Facing that challenge means growth.
  3. My goal is not perfection. My goal is to give my entire authentic self and find my new limits each day.
  4. I am not the master of the future. But I am the master of how I react to it.
  5. If I cannot change what is around me, I can change myself.
  6. Letting go might mean loss. But it also opens my hands for the chance to grasp something better.
  7. Of all the people who deserve forgiveness, I will not forget myself.
  8. If I feel like I'm drowning, I will not hesitate to identify and cut off whatever millstones might be around my neck.
  9. I will not let the limitations others see for me because of their own experience to dissuade me away from opportunity or joy.
  10. I will let the possibility of "yes" inspire me to ask for the impossible, rather than let the fear and disappointment of "no" prevent my success.
  11. Worry comes only from assuming what will come to pass or what others will think and do. But because no one knows what will come to pass and perceptions are so often wrong or unfounded, I will focus on the facts and joy of my present.
  12. Even if I take years to walk over a mountain, one step after another will get me there.
  13. Just because someone has accomplished more or has different skills does not make them my superior. It simply means we are two human beings at two different places. Therefore, I will never underestimate myself through comparison.
  14. Fear is merely a signal I am pushing past what makes me comfortable. It is not a signal that I will fail.
  15. No matter how I might feel in this moment, nothing is permanent. I will be grateful when the skies are clear and hopeful they will get that way again when storms roll in.
  16. Just because there's not a way based on what others have said or done doesn't mean I can't find a new path or solution.
  17. Just because I haven't found them doesn't mean the people who can empathize with me don't exist. I am not alone.
  18. Even if just one person out of a thousand is worthy of my trust, they are enough to prove not everyone will betray me. I will be willing to go through the other 999, understanding that that worthy person is doing the exact same thing.
  19. I always can choose to add life to my days, even if I can't add days to my life.
  20. Every person who found success is a human being like me. The only thing I need to do is to choose to try the way they did.
  21. If I focus on the small, realistic steps, even a moonshot is doable.
  22. I don't have to know everything. I just have to ask the right questions of the right people at the right time.
  23. I will not worry about people who try to intimidate me, for if they feel threatened enough to do that, then they see strengths in me I must learn to see myself.
Published on: May 9, 2018
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