Under the ink of President Donald Trump's America First Energy Plan, the fate of the solar industry is suffering a shoulder shrug period of uncertainty. But that isn't stopping major companies within the solar industry from pushing forward and asserting that the foundation for a shift to renewables like solar already is laid. One such company, SmartFlower Solar, has designed a new type of "intelligent" solar panel based on the shape and behavior of--you guessed it--a flower.

A concept plucked from nature

SmartFlower is a stand-based solar panel system available for either home or business use. The basic version is a "plug-and-play" photovoltaic system. The plus version, which has on-grid or off-grid options, adds battery storage. Regardless of which model you get, the system is made of a series of individual "petal" panels connected to a center point, making the system face resemble a daisy or zinnia blossom.

What makes SmartFlower a cut above the rest

The engineers behind SmartFlower packed some powerful features into the system, looking at how flowers behave through the day and considering the limitations of other solar designs. As described on the SmartFlower website,

  • Smart technology tells the system to open the panels when the sun rises in the morning.
  • Through the day, Smartflower automatically calculates the optimal angle to the sun, moving the fan of panels to capture the highest amount of energy. Although you can adjust traditional panels on your roof a few times a year to improve what you're getting, that adjustment still doesn't compare to the daily differentiation SmartFlower provides.
  • Sensors monitor wind speeds. If the system detects bad weather, the panels fold up until it's better outside, protecting your investment.
  • Brushes are included on the back of individual panels. Thus, each time the system opens, each panel cleans the panel underneath. Subsequently, SmartFlower can produce energy up to 5% more efficiently than rooftop panels covered with dust and debris. This built-in cleaning process is a major improvement, too, in that it doesn't require you to hose or sweep the panels, or to pay an arm and a leg for professionals to do it for you.
  • The modules are rear ventilated. The subsequent lack of hot air accumulation translates to a temperature difference of 18 degrees Fahrenheit and an output increase of up to 10% compared to traditional roof systems.

Combined, all these features translate to a system that, overall, is 40% more efficient than traditional solar. And oh, yeah. Don't like where the system is or need to move it? You can pack it up and switch locations based on your preferences or needs.

The final choice is yours

Even if President Trump is right and climate change is more hoax than truth, companies like SmartFlower Solar mean that you have more choices when it comes to how you get the energy you use. Access to those additional choices can have a big influence on how much money ends up coming out of your bank account and the effort necessary to stay powered up. There's also the aesthetics of your home or business to consider. Think about your general energy needs and environmental philosophies. Then do your homework and the math to see if this company's forward-thinking solar design is the right option for you.