With people ubiquitously using mobile technology and falling in love with e- and m-commerce, having an app has become the new company essential. What's more, more and more companies, such as Snapchat and Uber, have apps as a central part of their operation. But it turns out, the vast majority of mind-blowingly good app concepts are going down the drain--and one company wants to save them.

Appy Pie discovers what's holding entrepeneurs back

Appy Pie is a leading cloud-based DIY app building platform that's helped create more than 2 million apps in just the past three years, providing simple drag-and-drop features that let entrepreneurs bypass the need for in-depth programming skills. Executives at Appy Pie suspected that people with app ideas weren't developing them, so they conducted a survey to figure out why that's the case.

Appy Pie found that roughly 82 percent of individuals fail to bring apps to fruition simply because they don't know what resources for app development exist or how to find them. Other reasons for low development rates are that

  • Busy entrepreneurs think creating the app will take too much time and money.
  • People aren't aware of how much technology has improved and that previous roadblocks to development aren't there anymore.

Getting apps back on the table

Given its survey results, Appy Pie is hosting a contest with hopes of educating and encouraging entrepreneurs about just how simple app development now can be using Appy Pie or other platforms. Appy Pie's development team will review app ideas people submit. They will pick 3 winners from the submitted concepts. They then will work with the winning entrepreneurs to make the apps reality. If selected, you'll earn 70 percent of the revenue your app makes, and Appy Pie will feature your app on the front page of their site's marketplace through 2017, too.

Of course, Appy Pie gets something out of the deal, as well. The submissions can boost Appy Pie's status as a quality-driven app developer. Representatives also hope that the submitted ideas can help make the company's app building platform even simpler and more user friendly, as submitted concepts can show Appy Pie's team what entrepreneurs really need, want and are looking for with their programs. But Appy Pie's founder and CEO, Abhinav Girdhar, stresses that the vision behind his company is customer satisfaction. The more entrepreneurs can get their apps off the ground, the better able they'll be to interact well with buyers and firmly establish their voice in the market.

"Having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient in this mobile world," Girdhar tells Inc. "As online activity continues to shift to mobile, apps can prove to be a trump card for SMBs while competing with large businesses. Through apps, businesses can stay in touch with their customers, solve their queries on the go, deliver enhanced user experience, speed up sales and build a brand."

Ready to transform your idea?

If you're interested in submitting your app concept, send it to Appy Pie at appypie@5wpr.com between May 30 and June 30, 2017 with the following details:

  • Who is your customer? Will your app be consumer or business facing?
  • What is the target industry (e.g., education, fitness, healthcare, etc.) for your app?
  • What features (e.g., in-app purchasing, VR, etc.) do you plan to include?

You know what happens if you don't enter. So take a chance. There's absolutely nothing to lose.