Like all truckers, driver Paul Robertson knows that life in a big rig can be difficult--and lonely. He adopted Percy, a calm-demeanored cat, from an animal rescue shelter to put a little more warmth into all his hours on the road. But as heard in an on-air interview between Robertson and MPR's Tom Weber, Percy escaped at an Ohio rest stop, cheating death to remind everybody not to let their dreams get lost in the shuffle of life.

Food poisoning, getting "lost", 400 miles and a miraculous reunion

The trouble all started when Robertson ate a meal that didn't agree with him. Temporarily grounded from driving, Robertson decided to sleep off the case of food poisoning and start fresh in the morning. But when he woke up in the morning, the window in the truck cab was open.

Percy, a smart kitty in love with birds, had let himself out by stepping on the truck's electronic window controls.

Naturally, like a good fur baby father, Robertson freaked out, doing everything he could through the day to find his pet. He kept up the search into the night, even though it was freezing cold and, like a bad cartoon, raining. He even solicited help through social media, getting plenty of compassionate responses. But there was no sign of Percy anywhere, and now, Robertson had a dilemma. In the back of his truck was thousands of dollars worth of merchandise he'd promised to deliver by a set date. If he just had more time, he might find Percy and all would be well. But he didn't have more time.

So, brokenhearted, he left in the morning.

The truck rolled. The hours passed. Robertson stopped and made a delivery, then drove on to Indiana. He was just about to leave the mining plant he'd made his second delivery to when he saw what he thought was a stray cat coming out from under his rig.

It was Percy.

(A very stinky, cold, tired Percy, but still. Percy!)

Somehow, the cat had managed to cling under the cab of Robertson's truck for hundreds of miles through the crappy weather.

As life makes demands, don't distance yourself from what you love

Maybe you're not a truck driver. Maybe you're not a fur parent. But in the modern world, all of us, like Robertson, are faced with deadlines and responsibilities that try to pull us away from people, things and ideas we truly love. And too often, in a well-intentioned effort to get ahead, we mistakenly sacrifice, settle and make do, despite the fact that the best professionalism, creativity and gain comes from genuineness and seeing the world with unique, irreplicable perspective. But we can be separated from what our hearts are built for and want for only so long. Inevitably, our dreams and passions and the need for connection peeks out from whatever it is we're doing just "for a living". And when we come face to face with those desires again, when we are reunited with what we thought was lost or out of reach, what really matters gets highlighted with stark clarity. We become happy with a new sense of belonging, skill and purpose.

So then the only question is, what have you left behind that it's time to find again?