Best-selling author Tim Ferriss loves proving people wrong.

The productivity specialist known for his wildly successful book The 4-Hour Workweek, Ferriss is a pro when it comes to obliterating obstacles that many people consider insurmountable.

During a recent conversation at this year's South by Southwest festival, Ferriss shared some examples of how he's been able to challenge people's notions of what is and isn't possible.

"If I can practice with David Blaine to learn how to go from a 45-second breath hold to three minutes and thirty seconds--and do that with a half hour of training--what are the impossibilities in your life that you should tackle?" he says.

Ferriss also shared his thoughts on how to grow a business during the early days of a startup.

"My advice to entrepreneurs is, treat the early stages like a series of two-week experiments," he says. "That is how some of the largest businesses you've ever heard of were started. Those experiments could be in product design, where you build something and offer it to someone, or it could be in terms of user acquisition."

To hear more from the conversation, check out the video below.