Matt Lehrer, the founder and CEO of sports uniform company Teamwork Athletic Apparel, says if he weren't an entrepreneur, he wouldn't have been able to do nearly as much creative thinking, problem solving, and innovating.

Lehrer founded his San Marcos, California-based company in 1987, bootstrapping the entire enterprise, which now has 400 employees in offices in California and Mexico. The company's most important competitive edge, he says in an Inc. Trep Life mini-documentary, is its patented technology, which allows it to design and produce highly-customized uniforms in just a few hours.

Lehrer says what he enjoys the most about running his own business is coming up with ideas and bringing them to fruition. Although not all of his ideas are gold, he's in a position to act on an idea if he feels it's the right one. 

"I know how to bring a team together, I know how to raise money if I need to, I know how to market if I need to," he says. "And if I believe passionately in something, and I think something will change the world, guess what? I have the ability to make that something happen. That's what I love about being an entrepreneur."

Find out how Lehrer grew his company one good idea at a time below: 

How Running a Business Is Like Flying a Plane

CEO Matt Lehrer has bootstrapped his customized athletic apparel business to 400 employees and growing--all while finding a way to incorporate his passion for flying and time with his family. Here's how he does it.

Published on: Aug 5, 2014