When you are trying to raise money to figure out the mysteries of the universe, where do you go? ADanish physicist and a mathematician from Denmark have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finance their research on the Theory of Everything--an equation that could explain and link together all phenomena, and all physical aspects of the universe.

So far, the Theory of Everything has been elusive. Not even Einstein could figure it out. It remains to be one of the biggest unsolved problems in physics. But Jesper Møller Grimstrup, a theoretical physicist who got his doctorate at the Technical University in Vienna, Austria, and mathematician Johannes Aastrup, who is an assistant professor in mathematics at the Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany, believe they are close to cracking the mystery. Grimstrup and Aastrup started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $30,000 last week and they have already raised $22,949 with a month left.

Grimstrup and Aastrup have been working for 13 years and have come up with a simple equation they call the Quantum Holonomy Theory, which they believe is a candidate for the unified theory of quantum gravity, or the Theory of Everything. Grimstrup says their theory could reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics--two theories which been proven to be true, but which are not compatible with each other. Grimstrup and Aastrup believe they have found the holy grail of modern physics.

"Imagine the existence of a singular mathematical principle that explains the entire universe, all of it," Grimstrup says. "Imagine if mankind discovered this principle, if it came to understand the ultimate truth about the physical reality. How incredibly interesting would this be?"

A theory of quantum gravity could explain what happened right after the Big Bang, what happens inside a black hole, and determine if the universe will expand forever.

Lee Smolin, a theoretical physicist who focuses his work on quantum gravity and is a professor at Perimeter Institute in Canada, confirmed that Grimstrup and Aastrup are working physicists and have written papers and given lectures about their theory.

"Their work is the kind of work that leads to opening up new directions of progress in science," Smolin says.