Anne Wojcicki founded her personal-genome- testing company 23andMe on the idea that everyone should know more about their genetic makeup--what our DNA looks like, where it came from, and what it means for our future health. It's a bold idea, and as with many bold ideas, it has run up against some serious stumbling blocks since she launched the startup in 2006. But through it all, Wojcicki has proved to be a steadfast leader who's never wavered from her goal. 

"My role at the company is to get everyone to think bigger. Instead of genotyping a few thousand people, why not millions? Why not everyone in the world? I really believe that 23andMe has the potential to revolutionize health care," she told Inc. in 2012.

Check out the timeline below to see how Wojcicki went from a disillusioned Wall Street analyst to a passionate health care advocate and entrepreneur, along the way picking up more than $111 million in venture capital and 150,000 paying customers to build a company around a simple saliva test.