Welcome to the 16th and latest episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc. editor James Ledbetter.

In this episode, executive editor Jon Fine explores how major corporations like JPMorgan Chase and Coca-Cola are trying to save time and money by getting rid of voicemail for some of their employees. Will the rest of the business world continue to cling to the technology, or move toward greater use of ephemeral messages, video chats, and texts?

Senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin talks about the early morning sober rave startup Daybreaker. Launched in New York City, the event starts with yoga and pressed juice and then morphs into a party with electronic dance music. Daybreaker now attracts Lululemon-wearing twentysomethings all over the world. Will the sober rave lure away devotees of fitness stalwarts like SoulCycle and CrossFit?

Next, staff writer Will Yakowicz explores venture capital investing in drone startups. The largest drone manufacturer in the world, DJI, has teamed up with VC firm Accel Partners to launch the $10 million SkyFund. Another drone maker, Airware, has started its own fund, aimed at making $250,000 to $1 million investments in the space. The goal for both funds is to create a platform, like Apple has done, to help startups broaden the applications of the technology.

And as with every episode, find out what made every member of the podcast team hit the "Like Button" this week.

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James Ledbetter, the editor of Inc., is host of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, which is part of the Panoply network. Regular participants include executive editor Jon Fine, a longtime BusinessWeek columnist and Inc.'s technology editor; senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, who covers technology, startups, and culture; and staff writer Will Yakowicz, who covers legal cannabis, tech, and the grey economy.

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