Welcome to the 112th episode of Inc. Uncensored, hosted by Inc. editor Jim Ledbetter.

Staff reporter Zoe Henry talks about Michelle Phan, a makeup entrepreneur who was one of the first YouTube influencers to create a multi-million dollar business. Phan started her career doing makeup tutorial videos and eventually founded makeup subscription box company Ipsy. In 2013, Michelle Phan started a second company named Em Cosmetics, in partnership with L'Oreal, but it failed. Phan bought the company back and then stopped uploading YouTube videos and stopped posting on social media. Her fans and followers thought Phan, who had been posting everyday for years, was dead. Henry talks about how Phan took nine months off in 2016 to travel across Europe, Africa and Asia to detox from her online activities. Now she's preparing to re-launch Em Cosmetics with a fresh start.

Staff writer Will Yakowicz talks about the arms race of startups making anti-drone technology to protect infrastructure and national security from errant drones or from terror attacks launched via unmanned aerial vehicles. As the consumer drone industry explodes, 2,000 drones are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration each day. Reports of incidents involving the flying robots has increased over the years, from ISIS weaponizing drones to use in the Middle East to some kid flying a drone in restricted airspace near airports. As a preventative measure, companies like ApolloShield and Department 13 are selling counter-drone technology to governments and law enforcement.

Lastly, the crew interviews Marla Malcolm Beck about how she sold her cosmetics store chain Bluemercury to Macy's for over $210 million.

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