Welcome to the 131st episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc.'s editor James Ledbetter.

This week, staff reporter Zoë Henry talks about how Google and Walmart are teaming up to build out Google Express, the web giant's online store, to fight against Amazon. Walmart, the world's largest physical retailer, will offer its products on Google Express in an effort to increase its online business. Amazon is the largest online retailer, but Henry says Google and Walmart believe they can succeed by focusing on connecting shoppers with Google Home, the voice-controlled speaker, to expand the future "conversational commerce" (voice-based shopping).

Staff writer Will Yakowicz talks about how Katz's Deli, the iconic New York kosher-style deli, is adapting its business for the age of e-commerce. As many classic New York Jewish delis close, like Carnagie Deli, Katz's is creating new revenue streams. Jake Dell, the fifth generation to own Katz's, says that while he still uses the same recipe from 1888 to make the pastrami, he is expanding the company's online sales division. Right now, you can order a pastrami sandwich and get it delivered to any U.S. state within two days. Dell says he will be expanding to world-wide delivery soon. Katz's also opened its first satellite location, which is in the Dekalb Market Hall in Brooklyn.

Jon Fine, the executive director of editorial at Inc., gives a heartfelt goodbye to the physical print edition of the Village Voice, the alternative weekly New York City paper, as it will cease print publication after 62 years.

Lastly, the group interviews RapidSOS founder Michael Martin for a new segment named Innovation Nation.

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