Welcome to the 137th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted this week by Inc.'s executive director of editorial Jon Fine.

This week, staff writer Zoe Henry talks about Amazon's strategy with Whole Foods. After Amazon bought the grocery chain this summer, Whole Foods started slashing prices on things like gelato, avocados, tilapia, milk, yogurt, rotisserie chicken but raising prices on frozen food and other items. Can Amazon help Whole Foods get rid of its "Whole Paycheck" reputation? Henry says a report found that prices across the grocer chain only decreased a measly 1.2 percent. Is Amazon trying to win at grocery or is the tech company trying to squeeze existing customers, or convince others to buy an Amazon Echo, a Prime membership? Ultimately, does the company want a monopolistic grip on all facets of the lives of its customers?

Staff writer Will Yakowicz talks about how a U.S. Senate panel unanimously pushed a bill forward to allow self-driving cars share the road with other cars. The bill will now go to a full Senate vote and is expected to pass. Automakers like General Motors and Ford, and tech companies like Google parent company Alphabet and Uber all lobbied for the legislation. The bill allows automakers to receive exemptions from safety rules that require human controls. The group talks about how self-driving cars will usher in a big cultural change across America and the world.

Senior editor Danielle Sacks talks about the rise of women-only networking groups and co-working spaces as the tech world continues to have problems with sexism and bro culture. Sacks talks about Jessica Bennett's article in Inc.'s October issue that explores these different women-only groups. The piece explores organizations like the Wing, a membership-based, female-only co-working space and social club in New York City that raised $8 million, and Heymama, a network for entrepreneurial-minded women who are also mothers that boasts fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and the founders of Gilt and Drybar as members. But will these groups help end sexism in Silicon Valley? Hear what Sacks has to say.

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