Welcome to this week's episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast! Listen to the 39th episode above and check out a few extra videos and articles we discussed during the show below.

In Silicon Valley, failure is a badge of honor. Failure even has its own conference there. Christine Lagorio-Chafkin talks about the most spectacular startups fails of the past year, including invention manufacturing firm Quirky, which burned through $185 million, and Homejoy, the cleaning service startup that burned through $150 million and got sued by its contractors.

Check out this Inc. video, which features Quirky founder Ben Kaufman talking about the company's story.

Jon Fine tells the story of how Inc.'s San Francisco bureau chief Jeff Bercovici got hacked. A Turkish man stole Bercovici's verified Facebook account, taking control of his profile and deleting all his pictures and information. Check out Bercovici's piece on the ordeal and how he had to leverage his professional relationships to get Facebook to help.

Will Yakowicz talks about The New Stand, a new media/retail hybrid company founded by former ad agency entrepreneur Andrew Deitchman. The company is opening a high-end newsstand in a New York City subway station and has developed an accompanying app that feeds subway riders news, videos, and sales offers. 

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