Welcome to the Inc. Uncensored podcast's 62nd episode! This week's show is hosted by Inc. editor Jim Ledbetter.

In this episode, journalist Alissa Quart joins the show to discuss her story on Coopify, an app that allows users to order home cleanings and babysitting, but the platform is owned by the people providing the services instead of venture capital-backed startups. Christine Lagorio-Chafkin talks about how MakerBot hasn't lived up to its much-hyped success. Will everyone be using 3D printers to make their own food or is the tech just a novelty? Will Yakowicz explains how startup Persistent Surveillance Systems is trying to convince city police departments across the U.S. to adopt its aircraft surveillance technology in order to fight crime. The planes are outfitted with cameras that beam images every second to analysts on the ground who receive copies of 9-1-1 calls and then search the aerial images for the crime. The group debates whether or not the benefits of being able to rewind life to solve crimes is worth the potential threat to an open and free society.

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