Welcome to the Inc. Uncensored podcast's 78th episode! This week's show is hosted by Inc. editor Jim Ledbetter.

This episode is dedicated to the 2016 Inc. 500 list, which ranks America's fastest-growing companies.

Senior editor Maria Aspan talks about Edward Marc Brands, the 102-year-old family-owned chocolate company ranked at #421 with $24.4 million in revenue. Siblings Chris Edwards, Mark Edwards and Dana Edwards Manatos worked for President Bush before taking over the family business in Pittsburgh. The trio revamped the company and started selling their chocolates to Saks Fifth Avenue, Goldman Sachs and American Airlines (as corporate gifts). They even had a shop at the Pentagon. Today, Marc Edwards sells its candies to Costco.

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Inc. senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin talks about Paint Nite, a $55 million company that hosts group painting parties, led by professional artists in local nightclubs across the country. The Somerville, Massachusetts-based company is ranked at the No. 2 slot and attracts 200,000 paying customers every month. Make sure to read Lagorio-Chafkin's feature about how the company set out to re-imagine girls' night out but discovered it could empower local artists and entrepreneurs while bringing in hearty sales.

Staff writer Will Yakowicz discusses how PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy carved a multimillion-dollar niche for itself by serving patients with rare diseases, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. The Pittsburgh-based specialty pharmacy grew its revenue by 13,380 percent in three years to $42 million by focusing on the small populations of underserved patients who need orphan drugs to treat serious illnesses. Without a physical location, PANTHERx sends prescriptions through FedEx and UPS. It also dispatches nurses to teach patients how to administer their own therapies.

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