Welcome to the 84th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast! This week's episode is hosted by Inc. executive editor Jon Fine.

During the first segment, staff writer Will Yakowicz talks about Savioke, a robot startup that sells its delivery robots to hotels to handle room service delivery. While the founder, Dr. Steven Cousins, was optimistic about how robots can help humans, he admits that people might soon be left behind in their jobs.

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Kimberly Weisul, Inc.'s editor-at-large, talks about how a rush of veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are turning to entrepreneurship after returning home. The veterans have to deal with resettling to civilian life as well as a lack of resources like low-interest loans. Tune in to hear their stories.

Senior editor Maria Aspan interviews Roger Dickey, who is currently running Gigster, about how he created Dope Wars, the wildly successful crime-filled video game, and sold it to Zynga. After the sale, Dope Wars became so explicit that he had to shut it down and create a new game called Mafia Wars.

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