Welcome to the 87th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast! This week's episode is hosted by Inc. editor Jim Ledbetter.

Reporter Zoe Henry talks about the advances in artificial intelligence-powered language and translation services like Siri and Google Translate. Google's new translation technology, called the Google Neural Machine Translation System, is now looking at entire sentences instead of prior methods that translated each word individually. Henry argues that Google's claims that the robot translators have human-level accuracy is flawed and that human translators should not be forgotten. According to this year's Inc. 5000 list, translation service is one of the fastest-growing industries this year, and there is a lot at stake if robots are trusted completely.

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Staff writer Will Yakowicz talks about his experience meeting SoftBank's robot Pepper. The robot, which can hold simple two-way conversations and is said to be able to recognize human emotions, will be sold to retailers to engage customers. While the robot is not perfect, it can be connected to cloud-based AI platforms like IBM's Watson. The group talks about how robots are being created to do certain tasks but the future of more advanced robots is coming.

Lastly, the podcast crew interviews entrepreneur Ean Seeb, who co-founded one of the first and longest-running dispensaries in Denver, Colorado. Seeb and his co-founders recently sold their business and licenses to grow marijuana legally to Willie Nelson (who launched his marijuana brand Willie Reserve). Seeb talks about what it was like to build a multimillion-dollar business--and then say goodbye to his baby.

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