Welcome to the 91st episode of Inc. Uncensored. This week's episode is hosted James Ledbetter, the editor of Inc. and Inc.com.

This week, reporter Zoe Henry explains the hype behind Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat, and how it filed a confidential S-1 document to go public. With a $25 million valuation, can Snap live up to investor expectations? Henry explains how Snap has grew from a $1 billion mobile app into a tech company that is claiming it is the future of television.

Staff writer Will Yakowicz talks about the future of artificially intelligent software and robots and how researchers say the AI software will become 1 billion times smarter than humans. Once software-based neural networks surpass human intelligence, researcher Ben Goertzel, who created the OpenCog AI software that powers humanoid robot Sofia by Hanson Robotics, robots will replace humans at every job. He says the transition will be painful, all work will be done by robots and humans will be free to live life. Resources will be redistributed and humans will be paid a universal basic income. Eventually, Goertzel says robots and humans will merge. Listen to find out how researchers are building software platforms that will be making decisions and running world governments.

Lastly, the group interviews Jack Groetzinger about how he co-founded and then sold Scribnia, before starting SeatGeek, an event ticket marketplace.

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