Welcome to the 98th episode of Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc. editor Jim Ledbetter.

This week, senior editor Danielle Sacks talks about how 2016 marked the first year that traditional companies outpaced tech giants in acquiring tech startups. In 2016, Google, IMB and Facebook didn't spend a substantial amount of money to acquire tech companies while Walmart, GM and Scotts Miracle Grow all spent billions each acquiring tech startups. Sacks explains how in 2012, traditional companies spent $20 billion on acquisitions compared to last year when traditional companies spent $125 billion on acquisitions, many of which were tech companies. Companies like Campbell's Soup and JetBlue both launched their own venture capital arms in an effort to survive in the long run. Sacks says the acquisition strategy by traditional companies should not be surprising as small startups like Amazon have turned into disruptive superpowers.

Jim Ledbetter swaps spots and does his own segment about how mobile game apps use the warped economics of casino games to convince players to spend money on in-app purchases that do not have value except for a short thrill. Ledbetter explains that he believes mobile games, which are free to play, urge players to spend money on things like longer game-play time or digital goods, warps "kids' understanding of basic economic ideas." Tune in to learn about the ethics of design and how the freedom model could be distorting society's sense of value and how money should be spent.

Lastly, the crew interviews Jeff Lawson for the podcast's Exit Interview segment. Lawson talks about how he co-founded Twilio, built the communications platform to power the likes of Uber and Airbnb and brought it public in 2016.

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