A fully-electric bus managed to drive longer than any other electric vehicle on a single charge. Proterra, which is an electric bus manufacturer, drove its Catalyst E2 Max electric bus 1,101.2 miles without stopping to recharge, the company announced.

The last record, held by a small experimental car developed by researchers from Offenberg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, drove 1,013.8 miles. Proterra's Catalyst E2 Max, which is slated to hit the streets of Los Angeles later this year, broke the world record while driving on a test track with no passengers. The mileage would be much lower if it were packed with passengers and sitting in traffic, Ars Technica explains. The bus can recharge within an hour. The company's earlier models can drive on a bus route for about 200 miles before charging.

A bus has a big advantage over electric cars and smaller electric vehicles because it can hold a much larger battery. Ars Technica reports the Catalyst E2 Max holds a 660-kilowatt hour battery, which is nearly nine times the capacity of the battery inside a Tesla Model S. (The farthest a Tesla Model S has driven without recharging is about 670 miles.)

Entrepreneur Dale Hill founded Proterra in 2004 in Golden, Colorado, to make electric-powered, zero-emission busses for public transportation. In 2009, the company sold its first bus, the Ecoliner, to a transit company in Pomona, California. Today, Proterra electric buses run in Reno, Seattle, Nashville, Dallas, and other cities around the U.S. In 2015, the company released the Catalyst XR, which has an extended battery life and can drive up to 193 miles on a single charge. Last year, the company released its E2 model that can hit 251 miles without charging along bus routes.