What would happen if your employee's spouse gets gravely ill? Would you offer them paid medical leave, or would they have to choose between work or caring for a loved one?

Universal paid medical has been implemented around the world, but it is a controversial topic in the U.S. The United States, Papa New Guinea, Suriname and a handful of micro-nations in the Pacific Ocean do not have paid medical leave. Should the U.S. join most of the developed world by implementing a government-supported program?

In this installment of Serious Business on the Inc. Uncensored podcast, Inc.'s executive editor Kris Frieswick and editor-at-large Kimberly Weisul debate about whether or not the U.S. should enact universal paid family and medical leave. Is paid medical leave a competitive advantage or disadvantage? California has instituted paid medical leave 14 years ago and now 90 percent of California employers say it's either positive or neutral for their business.

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