The world can be a cold place sometimes. But Steve Cody, the co-founder of New York City-based public relations firm Peppercomm, says entrepreneurs can have a hand in making it a little kinder.

Cody says entrepreneurs should strive to make their company a place where employees want to work, where they can be happy and safe. His efforts to do so at his own firm have paid off: Peppercomm was named one of the "Best Places to Work" by Crain's New York Business in 2012.

In an Inc. Trep Life mini-documentary, he explains: "The payoff of being an entrepreneur is the freedom and ability to provide a different type of service that hopefully will make this world, this crazy world of ours, a little bit better and a little saner place in which to live. If that just means creating a great workplace culture, where people actually wake up in the morning and look forward to coming into work and feeling like they're contributing, that's an unbelievably cool feeling."

To learn more about Steve Cody and his unique perspective on entrepreneurship, watch the video below.