Recruiters and hiring managers are having a hard time wooing tech talent, especially in the Midwest.

According to a recent hiring survey from Dice, a technology and engineering career website, five of the top 12 toughest places in the U.S. to recruit tech talent are in the middle of the country.

With more than 8,000 tech jobs available on on any given day, New York City, unsurprisingly, is the most challenging place to recruit computer science graduates, the survey found. San Francisco is in second place, with about 4,600 tech jobs open. The data is based on responses from recruiters and hiring managers across the country.

Now, however, recruiting is not a duel only between Silicon Alley and Silicon Valley companies. Dice's data finds tech employees in high demand in cities across the nation.

"Competition for talent has certainly become much more fierce," Shravan Goli, president of Dice, told Network World. "It's never been easy, and it's only going to get tougher."

Detroit ranked fourth on the list of toughest cities to recruit. Chicago was sixth; Little Rock, eighth; Milwaukee, ninth; and St. Louis, eleventh.

This is difficult news for startup CEOs. The gap between supply and demand means you'll be paying higher salaries to persuade top engineers, coders, and IT staffers to come work for your company. One reason competition is getting tighter, Dice says, is that companies across all industries are looking to add tech-savvy workers in marketing, sales, and business analysis positions. Meanwhile, the number of computer science graduates is not keeping pace.

"That's adding a lot more pressure from a hiring perspective, no matter what type of company you are," Goli says.

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