Tony Robbins, who says he coached Bill Clinton the night before his impeachment proceedings, has helped many leaders get through difficult times.

Robbins, who recently wrote his first book in 20 years, Money: Master the Game, says he has founded 22 companies with a total of $5 billion in sales. But before those companies achieved wild success, he says, his career and income plateaued for several years. As a life coach for some of the most successful CEOs in the world, he had to find a way to practice what he preached.

"My 'aha!' moment around being an entrepreneur was when I realized I was such a business operator and not an owner. I was doing everything, a trap most entrepreneurs get in," he tells Eric Schurenberg in an Inc. Idea Lab video. "I'm such a perfectionist that I wanted to do everything...because it wouldn't [otherwise] be done well enough."

Then he had an awakening. "I realized that I am never going to have the impact on this world I want if I do it all. I have to be like a Richard Branson, where I can bring in the very best people, be a strategist, and then turn them loose and really believe, engage, and empower them," Robbins says. "That's really what changed my life. That's when I started growing my businesses at a whole different level, as opposed to doing it all myself."

For more of Tony Robbins's tips on entrepreneurship and life, watch the video below.