Becoming a millionaire by 40, working a few more years, and retiring is a version of the American dream. It also sounds like a recipe for a long life--reduce stress, live longer.  

But that's not how it works, says Tony Robbins. In an Inc. Idea Lab video, the life coach and author of MONEY Master the Game tells editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg that people should not still associate early retirement with longevity. Successful entrepreneurs, Robbins says, don't ever retire.

"The old idea to get rich and retire at 50, no one I know does that anymore. [Casino mogul] Steve Wynn is 73. I was just with a 79-year-old billionaire who is working harder than ever before," Robbins says.

The don't-retire-early sentiment isn't just anecdotal. According to a study of Shell Oil employees published in the British Medical Journal, early retirement correlates with early mortality.

"If you retire at 55, you have an 89 percent chance of dying in 10 years, more than if you retire at 65," Robbins says. "We need work as a sense of purpose."

To learn more from Robbins, watch the video below.