If you are having trouble rallying your employees around your company's mission and you can't motivate them around a cause, chances are that you might be too focused on your own monetary gain or personal success.

Life coach Tony Robbins, who recently sat down with Inc.'s editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg for an Inc. Idea Lab video interview, says employees will not get excited and motivated if you're only trying to line your own pockets.

"If you're building a business just to make money, while there's nothing wrong with that, you'll be an amateur entrepreneur," Robbins tells Inc. "If you're looking to see how you can change the quality of life for people and your employees, you will be an inspirational character because you're so rare."

The secret to motivating people is all about finding a worthy cause they can get behind. Robbins lays out the questions you need to address to command the room: "What's your vision, what's your authentic mission of what you want to serve, who's in that room and what do they need and want, and how do I align what they need and want with this mission?" 

Robbins explains that you need to stop thinking about yourself and turn the focus on what you can do for your employees. There is a catch though, he says: "Motive does matter." If you're not authentically trying to help people, you'll lose everything as soon as employees realize it was all just a cover to make money.

"But if your motivation is truly to serve, to do that's something higher than just you, you can benefit," he says. Robbins explains that if you have a pure intention to serve others, the knowledge and insights to serve them will come flooding over you. "It comes from that intent being so pure to serve that I am supported with the insights that are necessary."

What the full video to learn more below.