Dubai staged a flight test for a drone taxi service on Monday as part of the United Arab Emirates' plan to bring flying cars and other high-tech transportation options to the country, Reuters reports.

German drone manufacturer Volocopter developed the autonomous air taxi, which looks like a helicopter with 18 small propellers. The craft fits two people and is guided by GPS.

During the unmanned test, the drone hovered almost 700 feet in the air for five minutes. You can watch it in action in the video above.

Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter told Reuters that he plans to launch the air taxi service to the public in five years.

"Implementation would see you using your smartphone, having an app, and ordering a Volocopter to the next voloport near you," Reuter said. "The volocopter would come and autonomously pick you up and take you to your destination."

Volocopter has a range of competitors, including Uber, which is working with partners to develop its own air taxi service; Kitty Hawk, which is backed by Google co-founder Larry Page; and aerospace veteran Airbus, which says it will release an autonomous air taxi by 2020.