Servicing the healthcare industry can be especially tiresome, so Quantum Health strives to keep its employees happy and functional. Several employee-run committees and councils are tasked with defending the company culture and representing the employees whenever there are issues or tough situations. "I call it a 'self-healing fabric,'" says Randy Gebhardt, president and COO of Quantum Health. "When there's a problem or an issue, the fabric of the culture seems to weave around the situation and fix it." Each employee is involved in one of four "cultural councils," which perform specific functions. For instance, Quantum Cares reviews and approves employees seeking additional paid time off to perform charity work, and Quantum Peer Mentors, take out new employees and make sure they're adjusting well to the new job. One creation of the cultural councils is the "Serenity Room," a dimly-lit private room with massage chairs and soft music for people to relax and unwind.