Submittal Exchange employees move at a fast pace: fifty miles-per-hour, to be exact. The software company uses the speed of a gazelle as a reference point to measure the accomplishments of its employees. "A 'gazelle' is a small company that grows quickly," says CEO Matt Ostanik, referring to the book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Vern Harnish. "We have pictures of gazelles and speedometers around the office so our employees aspire to that level of growth." The company even held a gazelle-decorating competition to embrace their inspirational mascot, remnants of which still line the office walls. Submittal Exchange also fosters company-wide collaboration by providing units similar to stock value, giving employees ownership in the company beyond their salaries. Employees receive 27 days of paid time off, a combination of vacation, holiday and sick days, from day one.