Founder Company Why
Galit LaibowFoodstirsBecause it's time Duncan Hines got an upgrade.
Jaymee MesslerThe Players' TribuneFor helping athletes find their voice.
Amy JainBaubleBarFor outsmarting direct-to-consumer e-commerce startups by going private label.
Tracy ReeseTracy ReeseShe's still a force for her Detroit hometown--after two decades in a notoriously fickle business.
Sarah BellosStony Creek ColorsReinventing what it means to be a tobacco farmer.
Kathryn MinshewThe MuseBecause LinkedIn could use a younger, hipper sister.
Steph KoreyAwayFor being an e-commerce company that reached profitability in year 2.
Audrey GelmanThe WingFor starting a female co-working space movement--along with a larger conversation.
Tyler HaneyOutdoor VoicesShe's going after Lululemon--and Nike.
Emily WeissGlossierBecause the Instagram generation needs its own Estée Lauder.
Renee EricksonSea CreaturesJeff Bezos may own Seattle, but someone else dominates its restaurant scene.
Courtney AdeleyeThe Mane ChoiceA YouTube following transformed into a black natural hair care empire.
Kathryn PetraliaKabbageFor finding the $200 million-plus opportunity in lending online to small businesses.
Peggy CherngPanda ExpressTurning Chinese takeout into a $3 billion family business.
Kristi Knoblich PalmerKiva ConfectionsShe's made edibles taste like a high-end dessert.
Tracy AndersonTracy AndersonShe's diversifying her fitness empire far beyond celebs.
Nancy SilvertonMozza Restaurant GroupFor making bread and pizza so good that she's running Mario Batali's joint.
Sallie KrawcheckEllevestMaking it her mission to close the female ""investment gap.""
Kendra ScottKendra ScottFor turning a company in turmoil into a billion-dollar jewelry powerhouse.
Julie WainwrightThe RealRealAfter surviving, she's building a $300 million-backed e-commerce behemoth.
Emily HeywardRed AntlerShe's the branding brains behind dozens of DTC companies.
Sadie LincolnBarre3She channeled her hippie upbringing into a 130-franchise-strong barre chain.
Therese TuckerBlackLineOne of the very few female computer programmers who's taken her company public.
Shonda RhimesShondalandShe's continuing to redefine the rules for talent in TV.
Moj MahdaraBeautycon MediaWhy host a beauty trade show when you can throw a party?
Brené BrownBrené Brown Education and Research GroupShe's scaling her mission by building a better business model.
Katie ForrestEpic ProvisionsBecause sustainably raised meat can become a catalyst for big food.
Ayah BdeirLittleBitsShe stops at nothing to get kids discovering their inner inventor.
Polina VekslerUniversal StandardShe took the taboo out of plus sizes.
Ruthie SchulderThe Participation AgencyBecause brands need to chat with the consumers between the coasts.
Nichole MustardCredit KarmaFor making your credit score free and easy to check, while racking up $682 million in revenue.
Limor FriedAdafruit IndustriesAll hail the high priestess of soldering, coding, and DIY hacking.
Fran DunawayTomboyXBecause everyone should feel comfortable in their second skin: undies.
Anya FernaldBelcampoShe invented Meat Camp for women.
Sarah LearyNextdoorShe turned the neighborhood into a billion-dollar business.
Reese WitherspoonHello Sunshine/Draper JamesShe's using business smarts to fix Hollywood's gender imbalance.
Gregg RenfrewBeautycounterFor making her chemical-free makeup a political movement.
Amy Sterner NelsonThe RiveterShe's working to change the future of work for women--by including men.
Emma McilroyWildfangIf you're fighting for social justice, you may as well be dressed well.
Meika HollenderSustain NaturalShe's going all-in on a ""vagina-friendly"" portfolio.
Pat McGrathPat McGrath LabsShe redefined makeup for high fashion and is bringing it to the masses.
Angela AntonyScoutibleShe gamified the talent slog.
Dawn DicksonPopComThe vending machine will never be the same.
Shanna TellermanModsyWhat fun is redecorating a room if you can't simulate it?
Claire TomkinsFuture FamilyEasing the roller coaster of infertility.
Chayla CreerLive Alkaline WaterHelping the first black-owned water company land in Walmart.
Alicia Chong RodriguezBloomer TechIf you're going to monitor women for heart disease, why wouldn't you do it with their own bra?
Samantha SnabesRe:3DShe's bringing 3-D printing to the developing world.
Jessica RichmanuBiomeShe's making us healthier--via our gut.
Jessica O. MatthewsUncharted PowerShe energizes everyday objects.
Nancy HuaApptimizeEveryone needs an A/B test.
Stephanie LampkinBlendoorBias in hiring can be a thing of the past.
Heidi ZakThirdLoveFinally, someone is making bras that aren't one-size-fits-all.
Frida PolliPymetricsCutting through the resume slush pile with brain games.
Rana el KalioubyAffectivaBecause even machines need emotional intelligence.
Sascha MayerMamavaBecause what mother doesn't need a lactation pod to breastfeed in?
Tracy DiNunzioTradesyEvery closet could use a cleanout--she figured out how to monetize it.
Stina EhrensvërdYubicoProtecting us from hackers never seemed so easy.
Katrina LakeStitch FixBecause retail should have something to be optimistic about.
Jessica BillingsleyMJ FreewayEven the cannabis industry needs enterprise software.
Katonya BreauxUnsun CosmeticsBecause people of color need sunscreen too (and she's Frank Ocean's mom).
Surbhi SarnanVisionShe figured out how to detect the virtually undetectable: ovarian cancer.
Jesse GenetLumiFinding profitability in the unsexiest side of e-commerce: boxes.
Morgan DeBaunBlavityBecause black Millennials deserve the news they want.
Rachel TipographMikMakSolving the Instagram-to-e-commerce gap.
Star Cunningham4D HealthwareBecause everyone should be able to manage their health from their phone.
Sandra Oh LinKiwiCoShe cracked the code on a subscription service that actually makes money.
Shan-Lyn MaZolaPushing wedding registries beyond the ancient Bed, Bath & Beyond zapper.
Katlin SmithSimple MillsShe's turning the snack aisle upside down (and gluten-free).
Chelsea HirschhornFridababyFor turning the least-appealing moments of parenting into clever products.
Whitney Wolfe HerdBumbleFor continuing to put women on top.
Amy ErrettMadison ReedBecause every silver fox needs a better way to do her roots.
Lauren GropperRepurposeFor being ahead of the curve on paper straws.
Beth StavolaCBD For LifeIf someone's going to build the next great CBD brand, it may as well be a serial cannabis entrepreneur.
Sarah LacyChairman MomBecause working moms shouldn't be set up to fail.
Lily KanterBoon SupplyThe force behind Serena & Lily rethinks cause-based retail.
Selina TobaccowalaGixoBecause everyone deserves a good workout, even if they can't afford SoulCycle.
Mariam NaficyMintedShe's building a lucrative data-engine of art, and commercializing it.
Jaclyn JohnsonCreate & CultivateShe dreamed up the new age conference model in the age of Instagram.
Marcia KilgoreBeauty PieShe's on to her fourth beauty business, and has funded every one.
Melonee WiseFetch RoboticsBecause at some point, robots will be manning every warehouse.
Tina Roth EisenbergCreative Guild, Tattly, TeuxDeux, Creative MorningsShe's perpetually transforming side-hustles into her next creative businesses.
Christina Lampe-OnnerudCadenza InnovationBuilding a smarter battery.
Tina SharkeyBrandlessShe's trying to out-Target Target--on its home turf.
Sarah KaussS'wellShe turned a water bottle into a $100 million-plus artist's canvas.
Polina RaygorodskayaWanderuBuses and trains can finally talk to one another.
Jessica BanksRockPaperRobotAdaptable furniture designed by a roboticist.
Carol ReileyDrive.aiBecause self-driving cars need a brain.
Iya KhalilGNS HealthcareBecause biopharma needs A.I. too.
Kim MalekSalt & StrawShe made farm-to-cone a thing.
Rachel HaurwitzCaribou BiosciencesFor treating DNA like a piece of code.
Jennifer DoudnaCaribou BiosciencesFor treating DNA like a piece of code.
Anne Wojcicki23andMeShe's outlasted skeptics and the FDA.
Koel ThomaeNoosa YoghurtBecause the yogurt wars aren't only about being Greek.
Christina TosiMilk BarFor giving adults permission to eat cereal again.
Nancy TwineBriogeo Hair CareBecause natural hair care products for black women can be marketed to an even broader crowd.
Jennifer FitzgeraldPolicygeniusFor realizing that people don't like buying insurance--and doing something about it.
Natalya BaileyAccion SystemsFor seeing the beauty in teeny tiny ions.
Caryn Seidman-BeckerClearShe's using biometrics so you never need to carry your ID again.
Lynn JurichSunrunShe's built a solar power juggernaut.
Published on: Oct 4, 2018