Top job candidates want more than a decent paycheck and health insurance. They want a company that supports its employees and their values, and cares about promoting a healthy work-life balance. From millennials to Gen-Xers, company culture plays a huge role in deciding which jobs to apply to and, especially, which job offers to accept. 

By focusing on culture, whether you're hiring or not, your company keeps current employees happy and attracts potential job candidates. But don't just tell them; show them when they're researching job opportunities, and show them throughout the interview process.

Here's how.

1. Use social media

Sure, social media spreads the word about your job vacancy, but it's also a straightforward way to demonstrate your company's culture. Job candidates are 41 percent less likely to apply to companies that don't regularly post updates and offer behind-the-scenes glimpses at what a day in the life of employees actually looks like. 

2. Focus on LinkedIn

If your ideal candidates are white-collar professionals, put some effort into your LinkedIn account. This platform gives you the opportunity to create a company profile where you can share photos, achievements, and blog posts. Connect with past and current employees, giving candidates the opportunity to put faces to their potential teammates, and even to get an indication of the next career steps that your employees tend to make. 

3. Monitor Glassdoor

Glassdoor and other company review sites are becoming more and more popular among job seekers. These reviews play an integral part to many people's job searches; nearly 55 percent of candidates have quit filling out a job application after reading a negative review of the company. If you're not monitoring what people are saying about your company, you're missing out on an opportunity. To get the most from sites like Glassdoor, be sure to complete a full profile and let your employees know. Ask (but don't require) your current staff to offer feedback.

4. Make your careers page employee-focused

When candidates look for jobs on your own site, what do they find? Don't miss the opportunity to really showcase your culture on your careers page or careers site. Use quotes (with photos and names) from your employees. Take team pics. Are you looking for workaholics? Dog lovers? Job candidates value transparency, and by being upfront about what day-to-day life looks like in your company, you'll reduce the number of candidates who lose interest during the course of the application and interview process. 

5. Be a good employer

If you're a good employer, your employees work hard, enjoy their job, and often, tell their friends and families about how lucky they are to be appreciated. What's more, if your current employees are happy and fulfilled, with a good work-life balance and a management team they feel has their back, then it naturally leads to referrals and a natural expansion of your hiring network. 

6. Give a referral bonus

Speaking of referrals: you may find that some of your best employees began as referrals from current or past employees. It's also often the case that new hires stick around longer when they're referred by current employees (not only that, but the referring employee sticks around longer, too). Given the high cost of hiring, and all the time and money that organizations put into filling vacancies and dealing with staff turnover, there may well be a strong ROI to offer referral bonuses. 

7. Practice collaborative hiring

One of the best ways to really showcase your company's culture to potential job candidates is through collaborative hiring. When you expose interviewees to various levels of employees, you give them well-rounded and diverse viewpoints so they can visualize how they could fit into both the company and its culture. To make this as easy as possible, use a hiring system with incorporated collaboration tools to streamline the process, including permissions, team chats, and rating systems.