You've done everything right. You crafted the perfect job advertisement, and posted on top job boards. You've received input from the whole team on the hiring process. You've taken advantage of many features of your hiring software, like video screening and background checks. You've done everything you need to make sure your next new hire is extraordinary. Except you may have forgotten to think through one important aspect of the hiring process -- making sure you have a great careers site.

Many applicant tracking systems offer companies a careers site as part of their hiring software suite. Beyond your posts on job boards, this site gives you a place to showcase both your company story and current job openings to potential employees. This site makes it easier for candidates to explore the positions you have available, understand company culture and improves their job hunting experiences. It also gives passive candidates an opportunity to apply to open positions.

Why Use a Careers Site

At least 64 percent of job candidates interested in a position that they see on a job board will research the company before they decide whether to apply. Many times, what they find--or don't find--will be a contributing factor in their decision making process.

Yet when you build your careers site, you're already improving candidates' job searching experience by providing the information they're looking for in an easy-to-find location -- where you control the narrative. (With reviews sites like Glassdoor often containing information about your company, you should ensure your own site reflects your priorities in marketing to job seekers.) Plus you get to show off the perks of working for your company, and why your company is unique, appealing, and a great place to work. Remember, first impressions are just as important to job candidates as they are hiring managers, and well-curated content can be key to making an outstanding impact on future employees.

What to Look for in a Careers Site

When it comes to having a careers site, there are a few specific things you want to consider.

First, make sure it's easy to set up. Some applicant tracking systems offer the option of setting up a careers site without need of a web developer. Ideally, your ATS should offer templates that are both flexible and customizable. The design software should be intuitive and easy to use for non-technical people, with simple uploads for company logos and branding images, as well as easy to change fonts and color options. This allows you to make your careers site your own without the added hassle of needing a web developer to get involved. And it means deployment can happen in minutes, not months.

Your careers site should also feature search and filtering options. This way when potential job candidates find their way to your site, they can perform keyword searches to find job openings within the company that they're interested in or qualified for -- or see jobs only at a certain location, for example.

Third, your careers site should automatically update when a new job post is created within your ATS. When everything is synced and automated, you should only need to input the information once and the updates appear throughout the site. This saves hiring managers time and effort and streamlines the process of job posting.

Fourth, make sure your site is mobile-friendly so candidates browsing your careers site on smartphones will have the same great experience as those with a larger screen. Over of 70% of job board traffic comes from job seekers browsing via mobile devices.

Lastly, make sure you can choose your own URL for your careers site. You want a URL that is specific to your company, not a random jumble of letters and numbers, but one that is easily identifiable and memorable to job candidates. What's more, if your company is already paying for the ATS, you should not need to pay for additional web hosting fees.

A great candidate experience is critical to hiring in today's competitive talent market. Make a great first impression -- and follow it up with a great candidate experience every step of the way -- so you'll attract and hire the best.

Published on: May 18, 2017
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