Amazon is celebrating Small Business Week by touting the massive breadth of its network of small retailers.

The e-commerce giant disclosed on Thursday that more than 1 million U.S. small businesses sell their goods on its platform, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Amazon had previously said that it sells goods from more than 2 million third-party retailers but hadn't specified how many are based in the United States. In addition to the overall figure for the country, the company broke the number down by state. California had the most retailers with more than 175,000, followed by New York at over 81,000, and Florida with over 75,000.

WSJ reports that the company relies on independent retailers for more than half of all units sold on its site. Such products are often more profitable for Amazon than items from its own inventory.

Amazon's disclosure comes amid a flood of criticism from President Trump that the company has had a detrimental impact on traditional retailers.