Tech companies in big coastal cities, such as San Francisco or New York, are attracting the most out-of-town candidates, according to a new study from recruiting site Glassdoor.

Applicants are generally interested in moving to big, expensive coastal hubs that serve as the headquarters for many tech companies. This despite the fact that Department of Labor statistics show that the highest rate of job openings is in the Midwest and industries including retail, hospitality, and health care are experiencing worker shortages. 

Workers who move are willing to shoulder the cost of moving and the higher cost of living to land jobs at tech companies with high salaries.

Here are the top cities workers would move to:

1. San Francisco

2. New York

3. San Jose, California

4. Los Angeles

5. Washington, D.C.

6. Boston

7. Chicago

8. Seattle

9. Dallas

10. Austin

Here are the top jobs they would move for:

1. Chemical engineer

2. Oracle database administrator

3. ATG developer (e-commerce)

4. Industrial engineer

5. Salesforce developer

Published on: May 18, 2018