As it turns out, among Americans, the 'Stay Puft Marshmallow' man has real, well, staying power.

That iconic mascot has helped make Pillsbury just one of America's best-loved brands, according to a recent survey from Morning Consult, a market research firm based in Washington D.C. Google, Hershey's, and Amazon also topped the list of America's favorite 25 brands.

Unsurprisingly, Americans seem to favor brands that they encounter every day. The list is full of names from the food and tech industries you might see in the office or at home; only one brand from another industry, UPS, cracked the top 10.

Morning Consult polled 25,000 people from January through March looking at over 1,000 brands to compile the list.

Here are all 25 of America's favorite brands: 

1. Google

2. Hershey's

3. Pillsbury

4. Amazon tied with UPS

5. Kellogg's

6. Sony

7. Betty Crocker

8. YouTube

9. Campbell's Soup

10. Colgate

11. Clorox

12. FedEx

13. Netflix

14. Home Depot

15. Levi's

16. Dove

17. Frito-Lay

18. Dollar Tree

19. Lowe's

20. Samsung

21. Nestle

22. Lipton

23. General Mills

24. Microsoft