What began with more than 100 startups is now down to two. Inc.'s 2017 Coolest College Startups competition has been in play since mid-March and it all gets decided today. Tune in tomorrow (April 4) to learn which company lands Inc.'s top honor.

Last week, we saw a tough showdown, and this week is no different. Thousands of voters weighed in on who they wanted to see in the championship round.

Here's how everything played out: With a very slim margin, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's TV mounting provider, HUK TV, knocked out Drexel University's Boost Linguistics, creator of an artificial intelligence tool for marketers.

Although the maker of a tool for dehydrating food, Iowa State University's KinoSol, was leading the vote earlier in the week, the tables eventually turned in favor of Carnegie Mellon's 101, a provider of STEM tools for college classrooms. With an 8 percent margin, 101 won the match against KinoSol within the final few hours.

The championship round begins today. You have until 5 p.m. EST to pick a winner. It's all or nothing between HUK TV and 101. Go vote!